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9 Miusskaya square, Moscow 125047, Russia

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International Logistics of Resource Saving and Technological Innovation Institute



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D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia







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CAD Specialization

Commercial courses






The new specialization "Computer Aided Design" started in 2005. Specialists in design and engineering are trained with support of advanced design institutions, IT companies, and on the basis of the latest domestic and foreign computer tools. Studies are oriented on industry demands and the major purpose is teaching the today's methodology of throughout chemical production design.


It is a five-year study of 55 courses in the following fields:

· Chemistry and Chemical Technology;

· Computer Aided Design;

· Information Science and Technology.


CHEMCAD, AVEVA PDMS, AUTOCAD, MICROSTATION and other program products are licensed to Mendeleyev University to support training of new specialization students. Some of courses are lectured by specialists of the leading industrial design institutions, IT companies, universities. More than 125 specialists from industry and universities received trainings at CHEMCAD center.


The CS&CAD Department is concentrated on teaching of modern throughout chemical production design specialists. To meet this challenge we get specialists from leading industrial design institutions to take part in teaching, establish connections with foreign faculties of the same profile, and acquire licenses for most advanced chemical production design program packages. We are committed to meet modern developments in chemistry, IT, computer aided design, and industry demands.


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