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9 Miusskaya square, Moscow 125047, Russia

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International Logistics of Resource Saving and Technological Innovation Institute



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D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia







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The CS&CAD Department was founded in 1975 by major Russian specialists in chemical technology cybernetics – professor Kafarov and professor Boyarinov. Professor Boyarinov was appointed the first Head of Department bringing in his expertise in the field of chemical processes optimization and in the field of mathematical modeling of separation. He leaded the department in 1975 – 2001 and a number of student’s courses were developed and a series of researches were conducted under his guidance.


The main function of the CS&CAD Department is teaching the application of computers in chemical engineering.


Professor Gartman took over as the Head of Department since 2001. He is with the department since the first day and always plays significant role in courses development as well as in computer aided design and automated plant control researches. He is leading the development of modern CAD systems based on CHEMCAD package since 1971.


Professor Gartman is also the Director of CHEMCAD Center of D. Mendeleev’s University, where foreign application packages are adopted and CAD trainings for industry are conducted.


The new specialization "Computer Aided Design" started in 2005. Specialists in design and engineering are trained with support of advanced design institutions, IT companies, and on the basis of the latest domestic and foreign computer tools. Studies are oriented on industry demands and the major purpose is teaching the today's methodology of throughout chemical production design.


Teaching is divided in two ways:

I. Teaching Information Science and Technology for all students of the University;

II. Teaching one students group of the "CAD" specialization the throughout computer aided chemical production design.


The first way includes lecturing and lab courses:

· Information Science (first term);

· Computational Math (third or fourth term);

· Computer Modeling of Chemical Processes (seventh or eighth term);

· Optimization of Chemical Processes (ninth term).


The second way is a five-year study of 55 courses in the following fields:

· Chemistry and Chemical Technology;

· Computer Aided Design;

· Information Science and Technology.


The CS&CAD Department disposes of seven computer rooms with 76 computers. 19 teachers are working full or part time (including two professors and ten PhDs').


Seven learning books in Russian were published in the last five years; some of them along with other learning materials are available at this site.


The CS&CAD Department is offering commercial IT courses as additional training for students, among them are:

· Microsoft computer technologies;

· Using MATLAB package in programming;

· Using CHEMCAD package for chemical production design.


The scientific research at present day is connected with developing and testing of computer models for CAD and Automated Plant Control systems. In the former case the theoretical physical-chemical models are applied, and in the latter the empiric statistical models are appropriate. The results are published in Russian magazines.


A number of works are honored by domestic and international exhibitions, including:

· 2006 - Diploma of First Degree for the "Firmware for controlling of waste processing" at WASMA-2006 international exhibition;

· 2007 - Gold medal for "Universal firmware PLANT CONTROL OPTIMIZER" at VII International meeting of innovation and investment;

· 2008 - Gold medal for "Computer model for computer aided design of wasteless synthetic fuel production".



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