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9 Miusskaya square, Moscow 125047, Russia

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International Logistics of Resource Saving and Technological Innovation Institute



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D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia







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In the beginning of seventies of the last century the Department of Chemical-Technological Cybernetics was one of the most advanced at Moscow D. Mendeleyev University. Young and talented scientists and teachers A. Boyarinov, V. Petrov, V. Shestopalov, V. Vetokhin, L. Gordeev, V. Pisarenko, I. Dorokhov and others leaded by Soviet Academician V. Kafarov introduced actively the automation and computers to research, design, and controlling of chemical production. Many of them were graduated from the elite Russian higher education institutes: Moscow State University, Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, Moscow Institute of Physical Engineering, Moscow Energy Institute.


This Department implemented the system of computer skills advancement for industrial designers and production controllers. Many leading domestic and foreign specialists were graduated from this school and later on together with the progeny largely contributed into IT development.


The necessity of IT teaching for all specializations was clear already in that time and under guidance of professor Boyarinov the new learning course “Modeling and Optimization Basics” was included into studying programs of Mendeleyev University since 1970. Later professor Boyarinov got the new Department of Computer Engineering the main task of which was IT teaching.


From the beginning this new Department introduced the three basic learning courses: “Computer Science”, “Calculus Mathematics”, and “Computers in Chemical Engineering”. The former fellows of the Department of Chemical-Technological Cybernetics, professors from other departments of Mendeleyev University and from different institutes became the main teachers.


Research activity at the Department of Computer Engineering was connected with works of its famous and talented Head professor Boyarinov, namely optimization of chemical processes and mathematical modeling of separation. Among major achievements the monograph “Chemical Processes Optimization” published together with Soviet Academician V. Kafarov and translated in many languages, and developed multicomponent distillation technological design program package are to be mentioned.


Professor Boyarinov leaded the development of compiler for domestic computers; it became very famous and was widely used in research and design institutions, colleges.


Professor Gartman, the follower of professor Boyarinov is the Head of Department since 2001. He was with the Department of Chemical-Technological Cybernetics since 1970, wrote his thesis and participated as research fellow, and since 1975 started as associate professor at the Department of Computer Engineering. Since 2001 the department was named the Department of Computer Science and Computer Modeling.


Professor Gartman guided further development of learning courses “Computer Science” and “Computer Modeling of Chemical Processes”, and writing of the new learning book “Chemical-Technological Computer Modeling Basics” (published in Russian in 2006).


Research activities are concentrated in the fields of chemical-technological processes computer modeling for CAD systems, automated technological process control systems, and in developing and adaptation of program packages serving named above purposes.


The wide expertise in chemical engineering and design program packages, cooperation with chemical production design institutions, functioning of the Department’s ChemCAD center allowed starting in 2005 the new specialization at Mendeleyev University – “CAD Systems”.


With starting of the new specialization the department got new naming: Department of Computer Science and Computer Aided Design.


CHEMCAD, AVEVA PDMS, AUTOCAD, MICROSTATION and other program products are licensed to Mendeleyev University to support training of new specialization students. Some of courses are lectured by specialists of the leading industrial design institutions, IT companies, universities. More than 125 specialists from industry and universities received trainings at CHEMCAD center.


At present the CS&CAD Department is concentrated on training of modern throughout chemical production design specialists. To meet this challenge we get specialists from leading industrial design institutions to take part in teaching, establish connections with foreign faculties of the same profile, and acquire licenses for most advanced chemical production design program packages. We are committed to meet modern developments in chemistry, IT, computer aided design, and industry demands.




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